The Land of
Pura Vida

“Pura vida” is a phrase that you’ll often hear in Costa Rica. It’s a way of life that’s deeply ingrained in the culture of the country. “Pura vida” can be translated to mean “pure life”, which is used to describe a feeling of contentment, happiness, and optimism. It’s about embracing life in all its aspects, even the challenges and setbacks that come our way. “Pura vida” is a reminder to slow down, enjoy the present moment, and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

In Costa Rica, you’ll find that the locals truly embody this philosophy. They’re known for being friendly, welcoming, and laid-back. They place a high value on spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, and living a simple yet fulfilling life. Overall, “pura vida” is a way of life that’s both inspiring and contagious. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it’s a reminder to appreciate the simple things in life and to live each day to the fullest.